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Linksharing 7/12/2009

Once again, I’ve found several interesting blog posts among my colleagues that I feel compelled to share with you.

icy chain link fence by existentistTo start things off, Jeff “don’t call me Jan” Rose over at the “Good Financial Cents” blog wrote about the changes coming for Roth IRAs next year in the post Gone Daddy Gone – AGI Restriction For Roth IRA Conversion.  This is a good run-down of the specifics of this important change in the landscape – plus you’ve gotta appreciate a guy who can relate the Violent Femmes to the Roth IRA…

The next article for this week is from Jean Keener at Keener Financial Planning.  Jean wrote a very good article about your 401(k) options when you change jobs – a timely article, given the upheaval many folks are facing nowadays in the job market.

Aron Levin, on the “Gen Y – Retire Rich!” blog, brings us another timely article called Post #98 – Look at the Recent Numbers! (Bad Advice).  In this article, Aron points out how misleading the short term (reported!) numbers can be when making financial decisions, and cautions to use longer-term information to temper the short term.   Aron numbers each of his articles consecutively, as his blog is intended to be a sort of instruction manual to be followed in order.

This next one isn’t a blog entry but rather a magazine article I found – I wanted to share it with you nonetheless. published the article An Interview With Burton Malkiel, by Lawrence C. Strauss, which I found very interesting.  Having followed Mr. Malkiel’s work for many years, it was interesting to read his thoughts on present activities in the markets – I think you’ll find it interesting as well.

David Csonka, on his interesting blog “I Hope To Retire Someday”, offers up an interesting word to the wise from an individual investor with his article Don’t Assume Somebody Is Monitoring Your Retirement Or Investment Accounts.  David is a Master’s student at FSU (Go ‘noles!), and he offers some very sage advice about his own journey through the perils of financial “stuff”  throughout his blog.

A friend and colleague of mine, Roger Wohlner, brings us the next entry, called Hellish Retirement Plans.  This is Roger’s review of a Forbes article (there’s a link in his article) which covers some nightmarish problems with retirement plans and what, perhaps, you can do about it.

Again this week, my friend Helen Maynard of Affine Financial Services brings us an interesting article – this time it’s the ins and outs of the choice of using an S-Corporation in a small business.  The article is Can an S corporation save me money?, and if you’ve ever pondered this question you need to read this article, pronto.

Last but certainly not least this week, a fellow Garrett Planning Network member Roger Streit brought forth an article, When Our Brains Short-Circuit, on his blog “The Passionate Planner”.  In this article Roger discusses recent research on how the human brain works, and how that impacts our decision-making processes, specifically with regard to long-term activities like investing.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I’ve enjoyed reading and relaying them to you.  If there are blogs or articles that you think I ought to read, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Dave C. says:

    Thanks for the link Jim! Go Noles indeed!

    1. jblankenship says:

      I have friends who both attended FSU, and their daughters each graduated from there as well, so I’m always following the ‘noles… keep up the good work, Dave!

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks, Jim, for the tip ‘o the green shade.

    And another good collection of articles that I didn’t find anywhere else. Keep up the good work (but do enjoy your summer, too.)

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