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Financial Bloggers Encourage Americans to Save 1% More

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We’re now up to five six posts published in support of the movement to encourage all Americans to commit at least 1% more to retirement savings this year as they make their benefit elections.  We have several more bloggers who are going to put their posts up soon.  See the original post for details on how to join the action: Calling All Bloggers!

Listed below are the articles in our movement so far:

From Michele Clark: Employer Retirement Accounts: 2013 Contribution Limits

From Roger Wohlner: Need Post-Election Financial Advice? Try the 1% Solution

From Sterling Raskie: A Nifty Little Trick to Increase Savings

From Theresa Chen Wan: Saving for Retirement: The 1% Challenge for 2013

From Mike Piper: Investing Blog Roundup: Saving 1% More

From Robert Wasilewski: Increase Savings Rate By 1%

Thanks to all who have participated so far – and keep those links coming!

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  1. […] This post is part of the Encourage Americans to save 1% more challenge. You can get more encouragement and tips from other bloggers on the challenge’s main page. […]

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