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TMI: Facts You May (or May Not) Want to Know

Following is a list of facts about Jim that weren’t included in his regular bio page.  Sometimes it bridges on “TMI”.  Please accept our apologies in advance!

Too Much Information: Amazing Facts About Jim

  • Hasn’t paid for a haircut in more than ten years.
  • Serves as treasurer for the Sangamon County Fair Association and the New Berlin-Island Grove Fire Districts.
  • Is a graduate of Eureka College – the alma mater of President Ronald W. Reagan.
  • Has been an ongoing victim of an online impersonation/harassment.  But still thinks Gary is just swell.
  • Raised honeybees as a hobby in his youth.
  • Has minty-fresh breath.  Well, most of the time.  Maybe not so much on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Loves music of all varieties – literally ALL varieties.  No matter the genre, if he doesn’t already listen to it, he’ll find something to like about it.
  • Unless something conflicts with the plan, has jambalaya for lunch every Wednesday.
  • Yes, that’s his real hair.  If you think someone would choose that coif over an alternative, the alternative must be pretty bad…
  • Was present in Busch Stadium on September 8, 1998 when Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris’ season home run record.
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