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An IRA Owner’s Manual

As you learn more about your IRA, you may have come to realize, as many have, that it would be mighty useful if all the information about IRAs and retirement plans were in one place.  That’s a pretty ambitious undertaking – there are literally reams and reams of writings on every type of IRA out there.  So what I’ve done is to gather within this book many of the common questions that people have with regard to IRAs and retirement plans – your own IRA Owner’s Manual.

Click the link to pick up a copy of An IRA Owner’s Manual or if you’d prefer the Kindle version you can find that at this Kindle version link.

An IRA Owner’s Manual is now in it’s 3rd Edition, with all of the updates from the SECURE Act of 2019, including the changes to stretch provisions, and the definitions of Eligible Designated Beneficiaries.