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What Makes Up the Family Maximum Benefit?

Knowing the items that are counted toward the FMB is important, especially if you have several auxiliary benefits being paid on your SS record.

Social Security Retirement Benefits – For Your Child?

It may not be all that common, but if you’re eligible for and drawing Social Security retirement benefits and you have a child (or children) under age 18 – did you realize that your child (or children) is eligible to receive a benefit from Social Security as well?  This is in addition to the “child in care” benefit that your spouse is also eligible to receive upon your filing for benefits – subject to a Maximum Family Benefit, which is usually between 150% and 180% of the Primary Insurance Amount or PIA that you, the primary beneficiary have earned. It should be noted here that the same holds true for the child of a parent who is receiving Social Security disability benefits. It’s true.  When you begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits (even if it’s early and therefore reduced), your child (or children) under age 18 is eligible for a […]

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