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October, 2019:


Every day we are bombarded with information. It can be difficult to wade through this sea of data and pick out the material that means anything to us. Of course, it doesn’t help that the existence of 24-hour news channels, social media outlets, and the scuttlebutt around the water cooler make it difficult to avoid. So how do we filter all the noise and get only the information we really need? I’ll offer a few suggestions that have worked for me. Perhaps they can help you. Turn off the news. This was one of the biggest mood lifters and time savers that helped me. I made this decision about 4 months ago and decided to make a conscious effort to not watch the morning and evening news. I also cancelled my newspaper subscription (it wasn’t that great anyway). Consider reducing or elimination your social media usage. This can be hard […]

Options For a Spousal Inherited IRA

What options do you have if you have a spousal inherited IRA? There are three, much better options than other non-spouse beneficiaries.

How Social Security COLA is Calculated

Do you know how the COLA is calculated for your Social Security benefit each year. We step through the actual formula to calculate the increase here.

3 Myths About Social Security Filing Age

This article takes a long hard look at these three “facts” about Social Security filing age and shows the real math behind them. All three are only true to a point – and as you’re planning your Social Security filing age, you should understand the real truth behind these three items. First, let’s look at the concept of delay. You Should Always Delay Your Social Security Filing Age to 70 This one is the easiest to understand why it’s wrong – but the component of truth in it can be important because it could work in your favor to delay. Of course an absolute like this is going to be proven incorrect in some circumstances. If you happen to be able to delay your Social Security filing age and you live a long time after age 70, over your lifetime you will receive more from Social Security than if you […]

Can A Grandchild Get Social Security Benefits?

Could your grandchild be eligible for Social Security benefits? Depends on whether you’re providing support, and why the parents are not in the picture.

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