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Paying Down Student Debt Early To Save More Later

Paying down student debt early can result in ways to accelerate your savings habits later in your life. Consider refinancing to reduce costs.

Debt Consolidation Loans Don’t Work (But You Might Get it to Work For You!)

You’ve likely heard or seen the commercials that urge you to consolidate your debt into “one low payment”. The concept makes logical sense and promises to free up some cash so it is easier to live paycheck to paycheck. The reason this usually doesn’t work is that it doesn’t address the real problem. The reason we get into this mess is because we have not learned how to spend within our income. What we need is a method to manage and organize our money so we make conscious decisions about how we spend it. A good book that I’ve used is “Your Money or Your Life” by Joe Dominguez. How to Get Started To get started you might try the following:

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