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Full Retirement Age

FRA for Retirement Benefits vs FRA for Survivor Benefits

Illustrating the difference between Full Retirement Age for retirement benefits versus Full Retirement Age for survivor benefits.

2019 Social Security Survey Results

Results from my 2019 Social Security Survey are in. Some interesting information to be learned about attitudes toward filing strategies.

Are Social Security Benefits Changing in 2021?

Much has been advertised about Social Security benefits changing in 2021 – but really, it’s all old news. The “changes” have been in place since 1983.

When is Your Social Security Birthday?

Image by freakgirl via Flickr As you’re nearing the point when you intend to receive your Social Security benefits, it may occur to you to question just when do these milestones take effect?  Just when are you considered first eligible for benefits, when are you at Full Retirement Age, and when have you reached the maximum age? When is your Social Security birthday? (it may not be when you think) For Social Security age purposes, the month of your birthdate is important – but that’s not the date at which you reach the milestone.  Sometimes it’s actually the month after your birthday, the month when you are that particular age for the entire month. For example, if your birthdate is January 15, 1954, you will actually reach age 62 on January 15, 2016 – but you’ll be eligible for benefits beginning with February of 2016.  On the other hand, since […]