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Roth Recharacterization is No Longer Allowed

Although used by few taxpayers, the Roth conversion recharacterization strategy is no longer allowed after the passage of the TJCA 2017.

Re-Converting Your IRA

Image by accent on eclectic via Flickr Okay, so we’ve covered Roth Conversions – where you distribute the funds from your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.  Then we covered Recharacterizations – where you can “undo” the conversion by moving all or part of the converted funds and the earnings associated with it back into a traditional IRA.  The end result is that, for those funds converted and recharacterized, from the eyes of the IRS, nothing happened to the account (except that you may have put the money back into a different IRA). So, if you went through a Roth Conversion and then Recharacterized it, the assumption is that you wish to eventually re-convert those funds to a Roth account.  When are you allowed to do this? There are two limits on the Re-Conversion of funds to a Roth account once they’ve been through the Conversion/Recharacterization wringer: This first limit […]

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