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Facts About the 72t Early Distribution

Image by wallygrom via Flickr In case you don’t know what a 72t distribution is, this is shorthand for the Internal Revenue Code Section 72 part t, and the most popular provision of this code section is known as a Series of Substantially Equal  Periodic Payments – SOSEPP for short. Enough about the code section already.  What is this thing?  A SOSEPP is a method by which you can access your IRA funds prior to age 59½.  In order to take advantage of this rule, you determine the amount of the annual distribution from your IRA (this is done in a prescribed manner, more on this in a bit) and then begin taking the distributions.  Once you start the SOSEPP, you have to keep it going for the longer of five years or until you reach age 59½. Methods of Distribution There are three ways that you can determine the […]