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Are Resolutions Worth It?

After the first of the years it’s common of individuals to aspire to change their lives for the better. Many individuals come up with New Year’s resolutions – with aspirations of accomplishing certain goals or tasks that have eluded them in the past.

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But do resolutions really work? In other words, what good is a resolution without action?

Granted, I am being nitpicky. But think of it this way. If I were to write down a handful of resolutions that I wanted to achieve in 2019 and beyond – they would simply be words on paper.

Don’t get me wrong, having the resolutions or goals listed is an excellent start, but again, until they’re acted upon, nothing will happen. All the words and intentions in the world are nothing without action.

So how can we convert resolutions into measurable acts?

First, do one thing today that is an action toward accomplishing your resolution. For example, this could be filling out the form to start saving into your retirement plan. It may mean a few keystrokes to increase your savings by 1%.

Perhaps it’s a weight loss goal. The simply act today could mean stepping outside of your door and walking. Or it could mean grocery shopping and only buying healthy, nutritious food.

If your resolution includes decluttering, it could mean simply cleaning your workspace, home office, etc.

The resolution could be to write more. Start today with just a sentence, then move to a paragraph, then a page.

The point is to simply start. And start small. It’s easier (and motivating) to accomplish small tasks. Accomplishing these small tasks will give you energy and motivate you to act on other things.

Finally, be consistent. Commit to carrying out one or a few of the acts needed to accomplish your resolutions. In no timer (generally 30 days) you’ll have made them a part of your routine, your habits, and they’ll no longer feel like tasks. They’ll be second nature.

Get involved!

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