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Make the Most of the Gift of Time

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Time. It’s the one commodity many of us don’t value until we realize it’s running out. Some choose to squander this precious resource, while others spend it doing trivial things – those which don’t improve our lives or the lives around us. Few of us make the most of it.

In the last few months we’ve witnessed unprecedented times with regards to the events changing our realities forever. The communities we live in have slowed down or have come to a screeching halt, yet the people that inhabit them don’t have to.

Many of us are homebound – waiting for the curve to flatten and the biological concerns to run their course. We have a choice to make. We can either sit idle – and let time and life pass us by – or we can be grateful for this gift and make the most of it.

Choose to make the most if it.

And this is not one of those times it’s easier said than done. This is easy. Just choose to act.

What can we do? Here’s a list of ideas to prime the pump so you can make the most of your gift of time.

  • Start a hobby.
  • Learn an instrument (or two or three).
  • Start exercising (walk, run, lift weights, calisthenics).
  • Clean your house and donate stuff you don’t need.
  • Eat better.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • If you have kids, invest in your relationship with them. Be present, engaged.
  • Help others.
  • Improve yourself.
  • Learn a new language.
  • All of the above.

It’s only a matter of time (no pun intended) before we emerge from this in a new normal. How will you choose to emerge – the same, or a better version of yourself?

Get involved!

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