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“Swim With Jim” Radio Interview by Jim Ludwick

I recently had the honor of being interviewed on the radio by Mr. Jim Ludwick, a colleague that I admire and look up to a great deal.  Jim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, and his practice is based in Odenton, Maryland with additional offices in Washington, DC, Santa Barbara, California, San Mateo, California, and New York City.  Jim also is a fellow member of the Garrett Planning Network.

In the interview we talk very briefly about some of the important factors of Social Security that baby boomers need to address as they plan for Social Security benefits.

You can follow Jim’s radio program on BlogTalkRadio; his channel is Swim With Jim.


Listen to internet radio with Swim with Jim on Blog Talk Radio

To hear the interview, click the “Play” button above.

In the interview I mention that it can be helpful to have an advisor work with you to understand your Social Security benefits.  Members of the Garrett Planning Network are uniquely positioned to help in such matters, as we operate on an hourly basis providing financial advice, unlike most of our financial industry brethren (and sistren).  Seek out your nearest Garrett Planning Network member if you need help!

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