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Join in the Movement – Add 1% to Your Savings This Year!


Over the past several weeks we’ve been writing articles to encourage all Americans to add at least 1% more to savings in the coming year. More than 20 of my fellow bloggers have submitted articles, and these articles include many great ideas that you can apply in order to increase your savings rate in the coming year.

Since many employees are going through annual benefit elections right about now, it’s a very good time to increase your annual contributions to your retirement savings plans. Big changes are easiest to undertake with incremental steps – starting with adding 1% can have a great impact and get the momentum going!

Listed below are all of the articles that I’ve been notified about so far – 22 23 in all! These folks are very smart, and have shared some great ideas. You owe it to yourself to check it out, and then take action!  Add that 1% to your 401(k) or IRA!  If you’re a blogger, see the original post for details on how to join the action: Calling All Bloggers!

Listed below are the articles in our movement so far (newest are at the top):

A video tv segment from Laura Scharr: Preparing for Retirement

From Paula Hogan: 6 Ways to Add Another 1% of Income to Retirement Savings in 2013

From Kevin O’Reilly: From TwentySomething to Millionaire

From Tom Batterman: Take the 1% Challenge in 2013!!!

From Dana Anspach: Can You Spare A Penny?

From Steve Doster: The Easy Way to Become a Millionaire

From Nancy Anderson: Save 1% More for Retirement in 2013

From Kathy Stearns: Do the 1% in 2013!

From Ken Weingarten: The 1% Challenge (Should you dare to accept)

From Richard Feight: The 1% Challenge!

From John Hunter: Save What You Can, Increase Savings as You Can Do So

From Emily Guy Birken: Increase your savings rate by 1%

From Jonathan White: Ways to increase your retirement contributions 1% in 2013

From Alan Moore: Financial Challenge – Should You Choose To Accept It

From Ann Minnium: Gifts That Matter

From Laura Scharr: In Crisis: Personal Savings- Here Are Six Steps to Improve Your Retirement Security

From yours truly: Add Your First 1% to Your 401(k)

From Steve Stewart: Seriously. What’s 1 percent gonna do?

From Theresa Chen Wan: Saving for Retirement: The 1% Challenge for 2013

From Mike Piper: Investing Blog Roundup: Saving 1% More

From Robert Wasilewski: Increase Savings Rate By 1%

From Sterling Raskie: A Nifty Little Trick to Increase Savings

From Roger Wohlner: Need Post-Election Financial Advice? Try the 1% Solution

From Michele Clark: Employer Retirement Accounts: 2013 Contribution Limits

Thanks to all who have participated so far – and keep those links coming!

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