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Another “Swim with Jim” Interview on Social Security

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I recently once again was honored to be interviewed on the radio by Mr. Jim Ludwick.  Jim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, and his practice is based in Odenton, Maryland with additional offices in Washington, DC, Santa Barbara, California, San Mateo, California, and New York City.  Jim also is a fellow member of the Garrett Planning Network.

We discussed the recent new edition of my book, A Social Security Owner’s Manual, 2013 Edition, and the new information that has been provided there.  We also reviewed some of the reasons that the Social Security benefits calculation process is so complex, as well as the concept that, in many cases, it can be more efficient to use IRA resources to help you get by until your Social Security benefits can be maximized.

I reviewed a case like this recently in an article at, entitled My Smartest Money Move: Taking More From My IRA.  In that case, a retiree saved a boatload in interest and taxes by using his IRA in the early years, maximizing the amount of future income he’ll receive in Social Security benefits.

You can follow Jim’s radio program on BlogTalkRadio; his channel is Swim With Jim.  The specific recent episode where I was interview is called Social Security Answer Man.

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