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Call All Bloggers! 2nd Annual 1% More Blogging Project

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I’m sure that I’m not alone in the financial planning world with my concern about the rate of saving toward retirement across this great land.  Recent figures have shown that we Americans are not doing as this year as last, at a 4.6% rate versus 5% last year when we started this project. This is a dismal figure when you consider how most folks are coming up way short when they want to retire.  Just like last year in November, I thought maybe something could be done to encourage an increase in savings – if only by 1%, this can be a significant step for lots of folks.  November is the perfect time to do this, as most corporations are going through the annual benefit election cycle, so the 401(k) (or 403(b), 457, or other savings plan) is right at the forefront for many folks.

I’m proposing that all financially-oriented bloggers sharpen up their electronic pencils and write a column to encourage folks to increase their 401(k) savings by at least 1% more than last year.  I’d suggest taking a new look at this situation, perhaps suggesting ways that people can free up money to devote toward savings, for example.  I know you folks have a lot of great ideas, so don’t let my lame suggestions limit you!

In order to keep it oriented toward the benefits enrollment period for many companies, we should probably produce these articles between now and Thanksgiving.  Of course, most folks can make an increase to savings at any time, but while employees are looking at benefit options is a good time to strike while the iron’s hot.  If you’re interested in joining this action, send me a note at and let me know when you’ve posted your article.  I’ll keep a list of all of the articles with links on a blog post at my blog – this way anyone who’s looking for ideas on how to increase savings can find a multitude of ways to do so.

I have started things off this morning with my first post about saving more: Take a Small Step: Increase Your Savings by 1%.  I’ll continue to produce the list of articles every Monday and Friday during November – keep checking back!  I’ll also be tweeting about the project using the tag #1%more – keep it moving!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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