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  1. Anne says:

    Hi and thanks for your article; important reading ! You explain Savings plans well…there was this old “saying in grammar school”; if you put a US Quarter in the bank when Lincoln was born; you would “be a millionare today !!!
    Question: What is the best Interest rate of return which is FDIC?

  2. Saving is absolutely part of the equation but expenses, pre and post retirement are to me even bigger. Before I retired early three years ago I sold everything I had been maintaining and feeding money into. Now a huge burden has been lifted! Because I have my expenses under control I can “drink life from a firehose instead of a straw” I have adventures all over the world and none of the stress of maintaining my stuff. It took a change in perspective to give up my country club suburbia lifestyle but I am absolutely loving it.

    1. sraskie says:

      Well said, Jonathan. Saving more and spending less go hand in hand.

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