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Disclaiming an Inherited IRA

Disclaiming an inherited IRA must be done with caution. There may be many reasons to do this, and there are many ways to mess it up.

Fixing an IRA With the “Wrong” Beneficiary

Quite often, for many different reasons (often known only to the deceased original owner), the original owner of an IRA designates a beneficiary that the survivors don’t necessarily agree with. It might be that only one of several children is designated, or perhaps additional beneficiaries are designated along with a spouse.  In cases like these, there are ways to make changes to the outcome of the inheritance.  In this article we specifically deal with the case where only one of four children was designated as the primary beneficiary of the IRA. To resolve the situation, let’s consider the following IRA: John, the decedent, designated April (his daughter) as the primary beneficiary of his IRA.  It isn’t known why John only designated April as the beneficiary, as he has three other children – Bill, Chuck, and Dale – and John had only his IRA as an asset to pass along to […]

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