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Early Distribution

10% Penalty Applied to Roth Conversion? Maybe

There are cases where you might get charged the 10% penalty on a Roth conversion. Pay attention to what you’re doing to avoid it!

More reasons to keep on rolling (to an IRA, that is)

There are reasons in favor of rollover of 401(k) & reasons against. Here are a few reasons in favor of rollover that you might not think of.

IRA Trick – Eliminate Estimated Tax Payments

There is a way to eliminate the estimated tax payments throughout the year, using your IRA and a bit of imagination. It works, and works well.

Mistakes With NUA

If you’re not careful there are several mistakes with NUA that can cause big problems for you. Pay attention when using NUA.

401k Distributions Due to Coronavirus (CRDs)

Here’s all you need to know about 401k distributions due to coronavirus. This includes the penalty abatement, tax payment, and payback provisions.

IRA Early Withdrawal Exception: Disability to the IRA Owner

One IRA early withdrawal exception is for disability. But it has to be the IRA owner’s disability. It’s not enough that the spouse of the owner is disabled.

Options For a Spousal Inherited IRA

What options do you have if you have a spousal inherited IRA? There are three, much better options than other non-spouse beneficiaries.

Sam, You Made The Pants Too Short!

What can you do if your IRA has declined so much that it will no longer support your 72t payments as scheduled? You have a couple options to consider.

IRA Inheritance – Not Taking Timely Distributions

What happens when you forget to take the required distributions from an IRA inheritance?

Splitting Inherited IRAs

Splitting an inherited IRA into multiple IRAs is important to maintain your own distribution plan after the death of the original owner.

TWO 5-year Rules for Roth IRAs

There are two 5-year rules that apply to Roth IRAs. Depending on the circumstances, one or the other may apply to your account and distributions from it.

IRA Options for a Surviving Spouse Under Age 59 1/2

What options are available for distribution of an IRA if you’re a surviving spouse who is under age 59½? You have 3 options…

Eligible Rollover Distributions (ERDs)

What are eligible rollover distributions? And what are not eligible rollover distributions? IRS only defines one of them, you have to figure out the rest.

Designated Roth Account (Roth 401k) Distributions

Distributions from a Roth 401k can be very complicated. This article goes into the details you need to be aware of to avoid tax where possible.

Things to Consider as You Set Up a SOSEPP

Do you know how to set up a SOSEPP (72t) plan? It’s got to be done correctly, otherwise you’ll face some big problems and penalties.

The Heartbreak of Withholding From Indirect Rollover

An indirect rollover can cause problems, not the least of which is the mandatory withholding if the source account is an employer plan (401k).

Converting Directly From a 401(k) to a Roth IRA

Converting directly from a 401k to a Roth IRA used to be a two-step process. But since 2008, this type of conversion has been very straightforward.


How much do you know about recharacterizing IRA contributions? I bet it’s not enough to keep yourself out of trouble, if the need arises…