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Government Retirement Plans After SECURE Act

After the passage of the SECURE Act, most inherited retirement plans have new rules. Government retirement plans are not affected until 2022, however.

IRA Stretch Strategy for Married Couple

One strategy of stretching IRA withdrawal periods applies to a married couple, splitting the IRA money up so that multiple 10-year periods apply for heirs.

Inherited IRAs After the SECURE Act

With the passage of the SECURE Act, there are two sets of rules for distribution of inherited IRAs, for Eligible Designated Beneficiaries, and all others.

QCD after the SECURE Act

QCD – Qualified Charitable Distributions – have new rules after the SECURE Act. One in particular that you need to know is the anti-abuse rule.

IRA Contributions after the SECURE Act

Now that the SECURE Act has passed, there’s a new rule regarding IRA contributions, specifically for folks over age 70½. And this one is positive!


With the passage of the SECURE Act, many changes have come into effect for retirement accounts. This article covers the SECURE Act RMD rules.