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5 Free Activities to Explore While Social Distancing

During the lockdown and required social distancing it’s common to feel cooped up and restless. Finances may be strained, and we may feel the need to lockdown our own spending. During this time, and raising two daughters, it was a great way to become creative with activities that didn’t cost a thing but were a HUGE investment in building relationships. If you don’t have kids, you can still do these with friends or family.

  1. Take an adventure walk. We like to take walks frequently. However, there are times when I will set certain challenges on the walks or learning outcomes to build more into it. For example, I may tell my kids to keep a look out for coins (we find a lot), or with fall coming, gather five different leaves of trees in the neighborhood. We’ll then identify them when we get home. Sometimes, it’s identifying different birds based on plumage or call.


  1. Listen to music. Believe it or not, your kids will likely be interested in the music you like. You may even like theirs – but if not, at least take the time to have them show you why they like it. Explore new music genres together. Research the history of the songs, their composers, the lyrics, etc.


  1. Play games together (or make up your own). This can be a great time to teach patience, strategy, or overall to just goof around and have fun. A recent creation in our home was marshmallow baseball. Bag of marshmallows (baseballs), plastic kitchen utensils (bats), pillows (bases). And the best part – edible baseballs!


  1. Chances are you have plenty of books around the house waiting to be read. There’s no better time than now to dig into them. Share what you’re reading with your kids and have them share their reading interests with you. Short on books? Head to the public library – plenty of great reading there.


  1. Making meals together can be a great way to bond. Many restaurants are still closed – that can be a good thing. Staying at home and cooking together allows you to learn new recipes, techniques, and try different foods you might not have tried otherwise. Not good at cooking or baking? Now’s the time to learn.

Get involved!

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