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Book Review – Pension Finance

Pension FinanceM. Barton Waring does an excellent job in his book Pension Finance. The book essentially covers what’s wrong with the way conventional accountants and actuaries think using conventional math and accounting practices to justify the payments (or lack thereof) funding corporate and municipal pensions.

A concept talked about at length in the book is the idea of long-term average returns and how many pension actuaries rely on them to determine funding. Mr. Waring would argue that there is too much reliance on the long term average returns thus allowing pension actuaries to fund their pensions with less money due to assuming higher rates of return.

Instead, one of the areas that may help the crippling pension system in the US is to get realistic about long term returns and use a combination of a smaller returns, and bigger contributions (among others).

The book is heavy on the analytic side (great for our quant readers) but offers substantial insight in plain English on what led to the current pension crisis while offering a mathematically possible solution that relies on real numbers and not hypothetical long term average returns.

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  1. Anne says:

    hi sraskie: I was pleased my Father collected “a Pension” for many years. I said to my Father once: “The company (DuPont) is stable; so you will always collect a Pension”. My Father having a “pension gave me a lot of peace of mind personally.”

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